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Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on June 10, 2006 at 8:26:23 PST:

Camelbaks like all plastic containers suffer with the fact that it makes a memory of anything except water you place in one. Tne taste of the fluid in the reservoir is always tainted. Even with the clorox rinsing, eventually the reservior will discolor. I've been using Camelbaks for years and my oldest ones that I have consistently kept clean and dry when not in use still show evidence of mold. Yuck. However, BlackHawk Products Group has a new disposable reservoir water carrier; their HYDRASTORM system. That way you can gas up with gatorade (called that because it was originally developed by the U of F football team: two-a-days in Florida called for a improved fluid replacement) and not worry about ruining your hydration system. Look for the Harris Publication's BlackHawk Annual magazine coming out soon for more details. I'll have an interview with Mike Noell (BlackHawk's CEO) included in the issue.

Hank is certainly correct about how to prepare for desert travel. Water, commo includingn GPS, spare parts, water, pre-arranged trip plans, hats, good load bearing gear, water, good boots, and pre-acclimation to the environment are all essential for survival. The area is still bewitchingly awesome, and worth the trip to those who haven't and even those who have had the chance to experience the high deasert.

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