Re: Rachel,Bald Mountain,Nellis,and a Suggestion

Message posted by Hank on June 10, 2006 at 15:45:47 PST:

Thanks for the info. I went to Hydrastorms web site and ordered the 100 oz Tempest. Way less money than REI and had some features that they didn't offer. I appreciate it.
In answer to a couple of emails questioning the constant reminding to take lots of water and didn't I know that water weighs 8 lbs. a gallon and he would rather have a lighter pack as he would have a better chance hiking out. Yes I know that it weighs 8lbs a gallon and depending how far you are from a water source you may have no chance of getting out without it. Temperatures in excess of 100 degrees, no shade, the water is probably more important than food. Obviously these people have not visited the area. Please take all our warnings about water seriously. WE DO.

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