Google Earth - image update?

Message posted by Phred on June 08, 2006 at 22:09:27 PST:

I could swear that just a few days ago there was a semi-trailer on the road at:

37°11'23.55"N 116° 1'12.37"W.

That location is what I think is a guard gate on the road through the NTS to the area. If you look along the road about 600 yards past the building(s), towards the area, you can see a "fracture" in joining two images where the two pieces of road don't quite match up.

It appears that there may be an image update that extends from that location to the top (north west) corner of the high-res image block that contains the area. Zoom out and I think you can see the block I'm talking about.

Can anyone confirm that this may be a recent, last couple of days, GE update? Hope it's a recent update,, if not can anyone suggest good professional help?



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