Re: Google Earth - image update?

Message posted by Phred on June 10, 2006 at 21:22:17 PST:

>Looking around even more, I noticed that
>McCarran has been updated, you can see the
>new hangars, plus all the Janets are home.
>Looks like they are higher res images too.

Very nice, high-res images of the strip, fortunately including the Janet terminal! These must be aerial vs satellite images don't you think? At 100’ AGL the detail is stunning; you can see items in the beds of the pickups parked in the Janet lot! Have a look at the Paris tower and check out the oblique angle perhaps giving an indication of the plane’s altitude and relative flight path. The area around the Janet terminal is copyright 2006 Sanborn – visited their web site but not lots of info. Anyone know much about Sanborn?

The other new images around Yucca seem to be copyright 2006 Digital Globe, newer but not any higher resolution as far as I can determine. Can’t remember all the detail around Edwards/Palmdale but as you point out lots appears to be new.

Really unfortunate that GE doesn’t allow going back in time, previous images, to see what’s changed.

All in all, a very nice.


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