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Message posted by Hank on June 08, 2006 at 16:52:44 PST:

Thank you all for the good advice. For those of you who are planning to travel into the area this summer please be aware that it is completely safe and a great adventure if you are prepared. Living in Phoenix for 35 years has certainly helped my desert survival skills. If you are an off road explorer their are plenty of landmarks to help you stay oriented. GLR, Bald Mountain,and Tikaboo are just a few. A GPS is recommended. If you know where you went in you can find your way out. You can also find your vehicle if you hike away from it. If its over 100 degrees, a night hike out would be preferable. As far as outside help their is no doubt if someone knew where you were going to be would be the optimal situation. If your an explorer this may be easier said than done as the area is so huge. Unfortunately alot of us just take off across the desert. Their is no cell phone service in most of the area. You probably cant rely on signal mirrors as their is no one to signal. Setting a tire on fire might peak more interest if anyone sees it and cares. Ive camped out in the area and have not seen another person for five days and probably covered 200 miles or more. Its the most desolate desert Ive ever seen. As far as help from the Cammos I believe it doesn't exist. I have camped on the GLR border many times and the only interest they seem to have is that you don't cross the border. I have seen a few situations there such as guy who dropped his drive shaft,another person blew out the bottom of his radiator, numerous flat tires with no spare etc.The guy with the drive shaft walked up to the border and was waving and yelling. All they did was back farther up the hill. The Cammos seemed to be less interested. We know that they want no contact with the public unless you cross the border. The good part is that their are tourists that drive to the gates everyday that may take you back to the highway and hopefully to Alamo where they have a tow truck next to the Chevron. From the GLR gates its about 23 miles to the road and about 35 miles to Alamo from there. People who travel in the area without water, and some kind of exit strategy will probably be the ones who get in trouble. In all the trips Ive made to the area I have never heard of a fatality or anything more serious than a broken ankle coming down Tikaboo and some heat exposure.The more planning you do the better chance of having a great time.

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