Re: Rachel,Bald Mountain,Nellis,and a Suggestion

Message posted by Plan8 on June 08, 2006 at 13:12:08 PST:

hiya Hank
Sounds like you faired pretty good, good thing you didn't have to to do any unexpected hiking. a 20 mile walk in 107 heat would be a rough one for anybody though. At least you should be fairly acclimatized compared to a passer through. Spent 30 days in 29 Palms,(around '80) even did a 10 mile run (wasn't our stupid idea ). I would keep a good pair of walking /running shoes real handy for that kinda situation plus a big hat of even a small umbrella. If I ever get out "there" a camelback would seem like a must have. they told us if you dont feel like you gotta "take a leak" on a real regular basis then your not drinking enough. now days a CD makes a pretty handy signal mirror. (finally a use for those AOL CDs other than target practice).

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