Re: Rachel,Bald Mountain,Nellis,and a Suggestion

Message posted by Bob M on June 07, 2006 at 16:17:44 PST:

Hank, you were lucky you had a radiator hose and 8 gallons of water, most of us aren't that prepared. Google "Desert Survival" and read up on what to do so that you may save your life one day if stuck out there. Last Feb I took some of our church's kids on a "survival trip" out to Sand Springs Dry Lake, they learned how to start a fire, how water is important EVEN in winter when it is 30's and 20's, how to make a smoky fire for day (car tires) and a bright one for night...lots of neat tips. In your case resting in the day, not sitting on the ground where it is the hottest and traveling at night were your best bets only if you were POSITIVE you knew how to get out, otherwise staying with the car is your best bet. A few other things, the #1 thing you can do is tell someone back at home or work where you were going and when you expect to be back, the next morning at work and you don't show they will call in the S&R Team, if your plans are gonna change someohow get ahold of that person and tell them your updated itineray.

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