splat analysis of the Groom Lake VOR

Message posted by lone wolf on May 16, 2006 at 12:42:44 PST:

Splat! is a program to predict the terrain coverage of transmitters. See

I plugged in the coordinates of the Groom Lake VOR. Based on the splat! analysis, here are some interesting spots to check out:

1) N37 29 30.8 W115 25 12.3 is a spot not all that far from the power line overlook. It just misses a nearby hill.

2) N37 49 53.3 W116 08 05.4 is near Reveille Peak, though you would think the hill just to the east would be better

3) N37 50 34.9 W116 08 03.6 is a hill just to the south of Reveille Peak

4) N37 20 03.5 W115 21 25.2 is the front of a hill near Tikaboo. I would guess the peak to the north-east would be better.

The analysis didn't light up Tikaboo at all, though the VOR is a bit east of the base. I'm not sure if its visible from Tikaboo.

A number of spots around Mt. Charleston showed up, but from my experience the VOR is getting hard to hear there due to signal strength issues.


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