Re: splat analysis of the Groom Lake VOR

Message posted by lone wolf on May 22, 2006 at 8:40:22 PST:

I think there is some sort of "datum" problem with the program, as the results come out near but not on known viewing locations. It is interesting that "flat top" didn't show up at all, which may confirm there is no view.

Splat! technically isn't line of sight, but takes into account the bending of radio waves. This is good in some respects, but not good if seeing the base is your goal. GRASS is supposedly a better program for visual use, but it has a steeper learning curve. I managed to get it loaded after hunting down some libraries, but it is not as turnkey as Splat!

I didn't get your location before leaving for the area, but I found the spot predicted by Splat! to be quite a hike.

Viewing conditions around the ranges were pretty poor. High wind stirred up the dust, then the late season rain on the coast brought some water vapor into the area.

The link is for the book where I found out about this terrain mapping technique.

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