Re: Slightly OT - BBC interview Gary McKinnon

Message posted by Nick on May 06, 2006 at 18:10:08 PST:

Sounds like a load of bull to me.

They all use the word hacker, when he's just an 'scriptkid'.

Nothing special really, don't know why they want to charge him.

If the goverment just hides machine's (Which it could, because the goverment owns the internet, so online WAN or something). And changed the passwords to a good one, and make it not accisable for others. (The gamble part at one). There should be no 'hacking'. Well, what this guy did. The real stuff could crack/hack it within a couple of minutes.

So, I think it's kinda stupid that they charge him, their own mistake.

And about the picture thing, lol, 4 bit? You can't even see if it's a kids drawing or not. So don't make me laugh. Whehe.

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