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Message posted by The Major on May 06, 2006 at 13:06:52 PST:

1) Another "free energy" conspiracist. 200mpg carburetors, cold fusion, etc. all kept secret by the evil oil companies and GW.

2) Saw pictures but didn't get a single one? It's called screen capture, stoopid! I can capture Java-based images with one, and I'm no world-class hacker.

3) "This thing was hanging in space, the earth's hemisphere visible below it, and no rivets, no seams, none of the stuff associated with normal man-made manufacturing." - If it was such a "low-resolution image," how could you tell?

Sadly, the computer security part of his story I believe. Classified data pours into unauthorized hands at an alarming rate. By the time 1 out of every 2 classified weapons systems become operational, our enemies already have countermeasures in development. At the 3 year mark, our enemies are fielding countermeasures to 3 out of 4. A lot of spies and treasonous jerks out there.

The Major

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