Re: George Knapp and Bob Lazar on coast to coast on Saturday

Message posted by time on April 04, 2006 at 18:26:56 PST:

Lonewolf doesn't have to believe me, but if you wish to listen, I shall post.

1. Bob Lazar has no record of employment with EG&G. All employees (yes lonewolf, even subcontractors) who deal with EG&G have some type of record. The reason subcontractor employees have a record is to verify their security clearance and special access requirements.

2. If Bob Lazar didn't have a security clearance at the time, EG&G would initiate one, and would have a record of employment. Once again, no show.

3. He probably had a friend who worked for EG&G who told him the information about the "key flight" terminal. Why he called it "key flight", I have no idea. I do know it was called the "airlift" back then, but they recently changed it to an undisclosed name.

4. The guy has no records at the schools he claimed to attend. I don't buy his story that the government got rid of them.

5. If he did work at this location, where even the location is considered classified, it would be a federal offense to acknowledge the "information" he has disclosed. Roadrunners are a different story because some of the information they provide has been declassified, but even they weren't able to refer to their work location until it was declassified.

I will not reveal my "source" for reasons stated earlier.

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