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Message posted by Alex on April 02, 2006 at 12:10:01 PST:

Hmmmmmmm. I dont live and have never been to america so therfore ive never (sadly) been near area 51. If i was to go there i wouldnt put my life on the line to test the model plane/bird theories that we have dicussed. I dont want to be arrested for espionage and i certainly dont want to die, im only 15 and havent done my GCSE exams yet. I think i will stick to google maps (ive not got and cant get google earth on my PC because of a slow dial up internet connection). Anyway, interesting as the ideas are, what would flying a remote control (with camera) aircraft over groom show? I doubt that it would show anything we havent seen on google earth, and would only give us a good idea of sizes of buildings, show us what cars the staff at groom drive and how many janets/F16's/blackhawks are on the tarmac at the time. They only bring the good stuff out on moonless nights making the plane/camera idea sadly useless. I still think its a cool idea though :)

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