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Message posted by The Major on April 05, 2006 at 20:20:32 PST:

Don't mind me, Alex... You are just doing what comes natural to a bright 15 year-old. Having successfully raised 3 bright teenagers to productive adulthood, I can tell you that it is human AND teenager nature to try and find ways to circumvent the forbidden!

In reality, a model airplane-sized, pre-programmed UAV could potentially see far more than a satellite, conceivably capturing pictures, inside of structures from a very low altitude - say 20 feet or so. Even if the "good stuff" is nocturnal, close-up photographs of the facility might yield valuable clues. And, who is to say that night-vision couldn't be utilized, although that eliminates solar power as an option.

As far as intercepting such a craft... properly painted and solar powered, it would be difficult to see and hear, making it a bi*ch to shoot down with anything but a shotgun at a fairly close range. Now, bein' from Texas and naturally shootin' "Expert" each time I qualify, I have serious doubts about my ability to hit such a target with an M-16. If you give me a Southeast Texas 10ga. goose gun... ;)

Thankfully, such a project is probably well out of the financial reach of all but the wealthiest of kooks. Also, even if somebody did attempt such a feat, the chance of a successful (meaning completed AND yielding useful photographs), undetected flight is highly unlikely. Jail time would seem a much better bet.

The Major

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