Re: Area 51 documentary on Disc. Channel

Message posted by Alex on March 18, 2006 at 13:05:30 PST:

There was a (not very well thought through but interesting)programme on last year n UK Channel 4 TV about UFO's etc. It investigated the possibilty of the nazis testing anti grav aircraft and talked about sightings, abductions etc. The reporter mentioned area 51 a few times, but it was just mentioned in parts about new toechnology. The reporter prefered to wonder about in the desert around white sands airforce base talking nonsense. He did however talk about those infamous sonic booms over Nevada and talk a bit about the Aurora and the donut on a rope contrails. He showed some satellite photos of contrails leading from area 51 and over China and Korea. He said the were taken recently, and this was in 2005. Do you reckon the USAF would risk flying over china and korea? or do you think the guy was making it up?

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