Re: OT.....Cell Phones Onboard?

Message posted by werD on March 15, 2006 at 4:30:42 PST:

I can tell you from audio engineering experience that cell phones easily bleed over into even the audible spectrum of electromagnetic signals (I'm sure you've all heard a phone signal go off in your car or computer speakers?). Anything that uses strong amplification that is not carefully filtered and grounded (which, you might notice, is sort of difficult to do in the air) is likely to pick up this disturbance, and who knows what it can do in the long run. I've seen devices like CD players wear down over the years-- from operating fine with cell phones nearby, to now spitting out CDs and doing erratic jumps that ruin CDs when cell phones are in use. Let's hope (and pray) that the Carnegie Mellon people manage to slow this whole thing down before more long-term research can take place! By sheer principal, just because a cell phone has managed to not interfere once or twice on a plane doesn't mean it can't in the future-- anything that uses signal amplification (including fly by wire) could easily be effected by cell phone use. Not to mention that as someone who flys around 20,000 miles a year, I don't want to hear other peoples *stupid* conversations!

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