Re: OT.....Cell Phones Onboard?

Message posted by Frank Stamm on March 15, 2006 at 5:16:42 PST:

I would love to read the DLR forum and other internet sites at FL350. I do not want to hear a phone conversation. In the mid 80s I took a Sony b&w tv on a DC-8 from SFO to EWR. I asked the flight attendant to ask the pilot if I could use it. She came back from the flight deck and asked if the Captain could try it in the cockpit. A few minutes later the plane banked to the right then left back to on course. He kept it till we landed. After the plane landed I waited to be last off and was told by the Captain that when the tv was turned on the VOR needle pegged to the right and when shut off it returned to center. An older device, but the RF did affect the avionics.
Not everyone listens to flight attendants either.

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