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Message posted by Andreas Parsch on March 12, 2006 at 12:10:43 PST:

The printed edition of AWST has two companion articles which are not online. One of them describes the alleged SR-3 carrier aircraft in detail. I'd like to quote two paragraphs from it:

"Detailed features of the aircraft were provided by Nancy Weitzman, who was then a Ph.D. candidate living in Doylestown, Pa., and saw the SR-3 overfly her home in 1993. The aircraft was at low altitude of roughly 2,500 ft. and only a half-mile from Weitzman. She said it was close enough to see one pilot's helmet. Initially, the vehicle was maneuvering at slow speed and banking, offering excellent views of its top, bottom and tail sections. It then accelerated and climbed at a steep angle with all engines in afterburner, creating an incredibly loud noise.
While not an 'airplane person', in her words, Weitzman is a longtime birdwatcher, and was a medical student then, making her an excellent, detail-oriented observer. Her engineer husband enhanced her sighting report by providing the correct aeronautical terminology for certain features. Based on her detailed descriptions, plus tidbits provided by other observers, the following profile of the SR-3 'carrier' was constructed by Aviation Week:

IMHO this is the worst "primary source" of any black aircraft rumor I've ever read. Could anyone please explain to me, why a "deep black" super-aircraft, whose very existence is top secret, should fly low-level, low-speed, "photo opportunity" maneuvers over Doylestown, Pa(!)?! If nobody can explain this, I'd contend myself with an explanation why AWST published a three-article feature based on such a "weak case".


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