AW Cover article - Blackstar

Message posted by NC-Nighthawk on March 12, 2006 at 10:59:39 PST:

I’m surprised that no one posted the information about the article on the Cover of the March 6th issue of Aviation week on “Blackstar – Another Groom Lake Secret?”

After reading the articles, I recall two cases that I remember. One involves an article by I believe was Steve Douglas’s account on a heavily armed convoy he seen in NM. It was transporting a covered aircraft on a flat bed around this time coming out of Holloman. This convoy included armed air cover.

The second was a personal experience - again around this period of time. In the early morning hours I heard an aircraft with a unique low pitch, very loud and rumbling engine over flying RDU from west and traveling toward Seymour Johnson AFB to the east. I could not discover the source of this. When I spoke with one of my neighbors who works at RDU several weeks later he also confirmed that he also heard this aircraft. When he contacted the control tower for information about this aircraft as per possible refueling, he was told – he did not need to know & disconnected.


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