Re: Red Flag (Coyote Summit) field report 2/14/06

Message posted by lone wolf on February 19, 2006 at 0:11:26 PST:

They parked a Roland at Coyote Summit for most of the week. Sometimes at the upper spot where we park, and sometimes at the lower parking lot. Generally the Roland is "plane repellant", but Tuesday was good.

Wednesday was a no-fly day for the daylight session due to high winds. Wednesday evening has less players, perhaps also due to wind.

On Thursday, John and I climbed to what we are going to call "Crash Mountain". It is the hill that you see to the west of Coyote Summit. It took over two hours. As luck would have it, no planes flew near Coyote on Thursday, so being back further allowed up to get a few good shots that day. One plane that caught my eye is a C130 with Navy style refueling. On Roulette, it was referred to as a SF130, as in special forces. I don't think this is the same as the special forces C130 you see at airshows that is used to refuel choppers. Maybe if Jim Bob got a close look at it on the ground, he can elaborate.

I watched the Friday session from near the Cedar Ranch. Not too much action back there, though I did see a smokey sam launch.

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