Red Flag (Coyote Summit) field report 2/14/06

Message posted by Peter A. Forkes on February 15, 2006 at 19:35:30 PST:

My 14 year old niece is visiting from England and she likes to try new things and I mentioned Red Flag and she was interested in seeing something of it (I was quite impressed with her).
I agree to meet Lonewolf at Coyote Summit at 9:30 am Tuesday but ended up arriving at the parking spot at 9:50.
As we pulled in two guys were setting up a radar truck (I'm sure Lonewolf can tell you what kind) and further away we could see someone's 4x4 parked. The someone set off from the parked car to go up to Coyote summit.
My niece and myself set off and saw a couple over by a second 4x4 so we waited for them before setting off on the climb.
Lonewolf was already there (he'd been there since just after 9) and he told us that we hadn't missed anything.
I guess that just before 10;30 things began happening when 4 stelath figthers went over at altitude (luckily having a pair of Canon is 18x50 binoculars helped ou here). During the morning we saw mumerous F-16s and F-18s, a pair of F-111s (each of which did a VERY low and close fly past - one on each side of the summit), a pair of German tornados, British Tornados (?) that also did a low fly past.
Things ended around about 12:20ish.


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