"crossing the line" and the law

Message posted by olowy on February 18, 2006 at 21:37:01 PST:

Since my visit to Area 51 and reading the posts here I have been kicking around some thoughts. These fall in the category of thinks to discuss but have no intention of every trying out.

1. What is the cammo dudes authoriuty to arrest outside the "line". I mean if you do the quick hope across the line and then back, can they still arrest you or do they have to call the sheriff?

2. I came a cross a post here from some one who crossed the line and I am assuming that ha s happened before. Has anyone challenged the citation in court? My theory is since the sheriff is the one to cite you (probably for district or superior court, or is it federal district court), when you request a contested hearing the sheriff's rteport is usless since it is based on hearsay (basically, he didn't see naything and bases his report on the statements of others - not the exact legal definition of hearsay, but just trying to get my point across). Since it states on this board that it is rumored that the cammo dudes will lose their job if a picture gets posted, I cant imagine they would like their workers to be subpoened and open to cross examination with such questions like name, where you work, etc, etc. I would think the government/sheriff would rather dismiss the charge then bring the cammo dude into court. But I maybe wrong, just a theory.


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