Message posted by Randall on February 10, 2006 at 23:38:20 PST:

I climbed Tikaboo Peak Tuesday. Its was alot steeper at the top than I expected. Loose gravel and a little snow and ice. Everyone says not to try it this time of year, but if you catch good weather like I did it would probably be a great time to take pics due to the clear conditions. Also saw three huge Mule Deer on the way back out and got a few pictures. I'm going to plan a camping trip to the peak in the future to take some good pictures. If anyone is interested e-mail me. I also got great flag pics and got to view the exercises from Queen City Summit and Cedar Pipeline ranch. By the way does anyone know what the flashing lights are at the guardshacks near area 51 are for during red flag? I assumed it was warning personel not to get too close to a hot SAM site. Visited an SR-71 crash site in California too. Not much left, but i did get a picture of some of the RAM material. My Area 51 research has kinda come full circle now....been "out there" 8 times now, climbed the peek, saw flag, saw the dudes at the border, got chased away from the JANET Terminal, got awesome pictures and saw the stuff dreams are made of in the California sand where it met its end in 1969. I really appreciate the help of all the people who guided me along...Thanks!!!


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