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Message posted by Jim Bob on February 15, 2006 at 18:52:55 PST:

I am not a self-appointed Area 51/Nellis Range expert but I live here and spend a lot of time listening and watching. A LOT! It is 1822 PST and "Fazar" (OCA F-15C/Ds)are launching for the night mission. "Weasel" (F-16CJ) is right behind. In regard to your post...EXCELLENT!

Notes in regard to post:

The RAF Nimrod is a R-1 signals intel acft.

The MiG on the north ramp has been has been there for quite awhile. It may be one of the 21 we acquired from Moldivia. There is another at the 547th Intel Sqdn. "Petting Zoo" on Nellis near RF Hq. It is in a Russian paint scheme.

The Su-27s at Creech appear to be mockups on stantions for targeting purposes.

"Phaser" is actually "Fazer." "Silar"s are
"Cylon." They are F-15C/Ds flying the OCA (Offensive Counter Air)role. This 'flag' they are from Eglin AFB. They tend to go high looking for aggressors.

There are usually 8-12 OCAs.

"Chalis" is a backend position in AWACs. They can be listenened to on (non-encryted) on 306.6 and I think 372.15 Frontend for recovery is "Disco" for this 'flag.' 266.00 is also interesting in this respect.

We have seen and photographed the tan camo F-15C (82028)from the 65th AGRSon numerous occaisions, 00018 is still in gray. 058 is on the ramp with blue Sukoi colors. We really want thois for the mags.

Jim Bob

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