Message posted by Steve A on January 18, 2006 at 14:13:25 PST:

> I have been searching the internet looking for a chat board or someone
> who might be able to tell me about a photo I took. As my search
> really started to look like I may actually have a photo
> of "Aurora". I live in Northern California...I am a pro photographer,
> using a Nikon d70 camera. I was out shooting and was getting in my
> car when something caught my eye from my periferal vision. Looking up
> at about a 35-40 degree angle at about center horizon I noticed the
> plane and was able to fire 4 shots before it was out of range to the
> right, It was moving extremely fast. The contrails also seemed
> unaturally far from the body the plane...clear wash...but heavy
> contrails shown in the image. The shape looks similiar to
> me to the descriptions of the aurora...and lastly...The top image is
> the original, unedited was shot in RAW format, and saved as
> jpeg. The bottom image is the result of something I have not seen. I
> have shot thousands of skyward shots against a a blue shy. Whenever I
> auto adjust the shot, normally it will just brighten the shot and
> sometimes give a sharper image. The result from auto levelling this
> one was something I haven't seen. It turned into the dark shot on the
> bottom. I kept the dark one there because it seems to show more
> detail. I am hopeful that you will be able to tell me something about
> what this might be.
> Thanks.


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