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Message posted by Frank Stamm on January 19, 2006 at 19:58:35 PST:

My guess is a NG B737 (next generation -700,-800,-900). Southwest flies this type with winglets. The contrails are seperated then merge. An F-14 would appear as one wide contrail as the exhaust are closer together. Also an F-14 would normally have the wings in the swept position at altitude in a cruse power setting and most definately at high speed.
Where there other observed traffic at that altitude in a similar heading? Airliners tend to follow departure, enroute and arrival routes, often one after another.
Contrails are dependant on the temp, pressure and relitave humidity at that altitude. They might occur at different altitudes from day to day. The lower they occur the faster the a/c would appear to be traveling.
To me the contrails appear to be at a normal distance from the engines. I agee with the glint off the bottom, a few carriers leave the belly polished rather than painted.
Just my opinion,
nice shot anyway.

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