Re: bases in illinois??????

Message posted by truckertom on January 15, 2006 at 10:17:12 PST:

Yes, the "FOR" EAMs are relatively rare compared to the normal ones. Back in the mid 90's the rare "FOR" EAMs would be transmitted "FOR USS ___" (usually a specific SSBN sub).

Other times they are directive to a specific TACAMO E-6B aircraft using their AFKAI-1 daily changing callword of 8-9 letters.

Since GHFS have gone away from ID'ing the SSBNs directly by name, one can assume any callsign using more than 8-9 letters could be a sub.

Feel free to post any good Red Flag HF freqs. The AWACS and RJ in the past have used an HF net to free up their UHF radios for fighter/strike/tanker control. Will have to dig up my logs but the 2 I remember were around 6mhz (night) and 112xx(day)

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