Re: bases in illinois??????

Message posted by lone wolf on January 14, 2006 at 11:45:58 PST:

He is probably thinking about Mojave Airport.
35.064759 -118.156847

Speaking of google earth, they finally released a version for the mac, so now you can tell that one mac user you know to stop bugging you for google earth snapshots.

Google also released a version of google maps for some cell phones (technically pdaphones). It's on the google page if you go to advanced.

Regarding bases anywhere, the major bases are listed in the DOD base structure report. Once you know the name of the base, you can google to find it's location.

OT, but while I have Trucker Tom's attention, you mind find this post interesting:
Heard Andrews contacting "all stations" with coded phonetic msg at 1430 and
again for "Boulder Lake" @ 1440. 8992 USB, parallel to 11175 via the USAF
Global High Frequency System (GHFS).

Attached link: dod base list

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