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Message posted by Peter Merlin on January 06, 2006 at 14:27:44 PST:

Key Air had the contract to transport Air Force personnel between Nellis AFB and Tonopah Test Range when the F-117A was based at TTR. It was a completely separate operation from the JANET flights. The Key Air 727s never went to Groom and the EG&G 737s didn't go to TTR. I never heard of JANET flights at TTR until the mid 1990s. During the latter part of the F-117A days at TTR, American Trans Air got the contract and replaced Key Air.

When Lockheed California Company had its "Skunk Works" in Burbank, the JANET 737s flew in every day, several times a day. I used to work at Burbank Airport and photographed the JANET planes every chance I got. The JANET planes also went to Palmdale (AF Plant 42). I have never seen the 737s there, but I have seen a few photos. Even after the Skunk Works moved in its entirety to Palmdale, I never saw any 737s at Plant 42. I have seen the Beech 200s and 1900s. Those smaller planes also service Edwards AFB North Base.

Lockheed personnel have generally commuted to Groom from California, first on MATS transports, then Lockheed-owned Connies and C-47, and eventually on EG&G planes.

I might be able to provide better information if I knew more about your project.

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