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Outstanding! Many thanks for the help, Peter!

So, I take it that Key Airlines was another Lazar fabrication. Not surprised.

Mr. Merlin, from 1955 to 1972, did the main technical workforce commute to Groom Lake by air from Lockheed in Burbank, or did they live in Vegas and make a shorter commute from McCarran? It makes logistical sense for Lockheed that it would be the former, but I'd hate to guess and be wrong. If the technical staff did come from California, was there any supporting infrastructure in Las Vegas to transport non-technical staff to Groom before 1972, or did the Air Force handle that out of Nellis? One last question: what aircraft did Lockheed use to bring staff to Groom from 1968 to 1972? C-130s? L-188s? Both? Or were they still using the older aircraft?

I know these details may seem trivial, but they are important to the project I am trying to finish. The help and suggestions already offered by the forum users here has been phenomenal, and greatly appreciated!

Just a quick aside... I've been a "stand-off" visitor to this web site for a while. I originally found it through a search engine (not TV documentaries) when I began gathering information for the project I am working on. Having waded through a number of "kook" sites that made every conspiracy theory their own, I found this web site very refreshing. The information posted was interesting and well researched, and for the most part, the forum users intelligent and not prone to post the ridiculous. When I ran into this need for additional detail that the Web seemed to lack, I knew this forum was the best place to turn to... and I was right. Thanks again!

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