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Message posted by lone wolf on January 05, 2006 at 13:03:02 PST:

The Hind is/was operated by Ram Corp. Here is a blurb fron their newsletter:

Our Aviation Division has upgraded the Mi-24 and Mi-17 helicopter fleet to allow both types of aircraft to carry actual threat infrared (IR) air-to-air live missile seekers instrumented for use in air-to-air combat exercises. This provides a significant upgrade to TSMO’s capability to support aviation customers in an air-to-air role.

Much of the hardware at the TTR is owned by White Sands, even though it is physically in Tonopah. Digging through the inventory of White Sands, I came up with this tail number: 91-32472 . Internet rumor claims this chopper came from Iraq. Reality? Who knows.

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