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Message posted by lone wolf on January 09, 2006 at 12:43:03 PST:

This is the text of Exhibit F, which is how I knew the tail number of the MI-24 at the TTR. I found it in a word document, not a PDF. I don't know if the word document can still be found on the net since I downloaded it over a year ago.

Aircraft Serial No. Present Location Flyable
Mi-24 91-32472 Tonopah Yes
Mi-24 88-0616 Ft. Bliss Yes
Mi-24 91-22270 Ft. Bliss Yes
MI-17 95-00911 Ft. Bliss Yes
MI-17 91-01192 Ft. Bliss No
AN-2 95-16555 Ft. Bliss Yes
MI-2 98-41532 Ft. Bliss Yes
KA-32 91-00218 Ft. Bliss No STORAGE
Long EZ 82-1241 Ft. Bliss Yes
MI-2 98-41943 Ft. Bliss No STORAGE
AN-2 95-22258 Ft. Polk Yes
AN-2 91-00074 Ft. Polk No
MI-2 90-0221 Ft. Polk Yes
MI-8 89-12053 Ft. Polk Yes
MI-17 97-95007 Ft. Polk Yes

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