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Message posted by truckertom on January 04, 2006 at 0:16:04 PST:

Although the 6.812khz freq is/was a valid Mystic Star HF freq, which btw was commonly logged back then, It's short on some convincing details for me:

- Where there 2 phone patches or 1 ? In one paragraph you indicated a patch to "AF Special Projects Office" and the next you say the patch was to an "aide in the Air Force Public Affairs Office".

- Can you provide us a DSN## and the name of this mystery aide on the ground? You were very precise(almost as if it was recorded) with the word for word "juicy" ensuing conversation but short on other details. Every MS HF phonepatch I've ever monitored, the CSO (Comm Systems Operator) places the call on behalf of the DV. They provide the ground station (callsign: Andrews) with a DSN# and WHO to contact on the other end. If you can't produce a name, I can just imagine a random airman, with who knows what, if any, security clearance on the other end! This is assuming everyone *thought* the call was somehow secure which brings me to my next point.

-- By the early 90's it was well known that the Mystic Star network was being monitored daily by hobbyist and every Foreign Intel service that wasn't living in the stone age. A seasoned flyer like the General *should* know this. Mystic Star was a legacy system by the 90's and was only being used for routine traffic. All the good stuff was and still is on secure AFSATCOM nets. Metro requests, arrival-departure messages and flight following services by the Andrews Operator made up the bulk of the traffic. Perhaps SATCOM was down or tied up?

-- Lone Wolf says "in the time frame in question, it is possible some SAM flight had General Hogle on the HF".. Since you provide us with a date of the intercept, I wonder what a FOIA request would turn up? Was SAM 204 (A C-20 in fact) really airborne on this day with the purported crew?

-- Lets put this to rest, Steve ! Where is the audio of this ? Every "sharped eared" radio listener has a tape recorder in the shack waiting for that rare intercept. Lets not forget the other Aurora related intercept several years ago that turned out to be none other than an AWACS using their static training "Darkstar" callsign. As I said before, the details of the patch were very crystal "Rainmaker" like clear as if you DID record it. Or you have VERY fast neat handwritting.

I really, really want to believe this Aurora thing, but I need more facts to convince this skeptic.

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