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Message posted by Silas on January 03, 2006 at 19:40:41 PST:

Very interesting read, thanks for posting it. If my memory servers correct the Aurora started coming around in the mid to late 80's and went though most of the 90's (correct me if i'm wrong here). And since it is now 2006, it doesnt seem likely that the US Gov. would STILL be testing this aircraft for what is probably close to or more than 20 years. If they still have this aircraft, they probably just dont want ANYONE to know about it. So this means they are currently implementing tested technology that they just dont want ANYONE to know about....... which brings me to my next thought.

In this article it was mentioned that soldiers reported hearing mysterious sonic booms. Is there much technology currently being implemented in the War in Iraq that is classified?, i.e. aurora type UAV's, and such?

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