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Message posted by lone wolf on December 23, 2005 at 17:03:55 PST:

Enter KTNX in the box labeled Aiport Code, then click View Airport Activity. KTNX is the code for the Tonopah Test Range, which is where all the Janet planes from KLAS go. ;-)

When you get the screen with the WWW flight numbers, click on a particular flight. For instance, try WWW302. This plane is went to Groom Lake. The fix FIDOE is your clue. WWW376 went to the Tonopah Test Range. The flight plan generally goes to TPH (the civilian Tonopah airport, though in this case TPH is just used as a fix), before heading to the Tonopah Test Range. When you camp out on the east side of the TTR, the planes land from right to left, facing the base (doh!).

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