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Message posted by Dave B on June 11, 2005 at 22:57:57 PST:

Thanks for the info. Only other times I have seen a C-17 with a Boeing callsign it has been (LGB)Long Beach to Edwards or even Vegas. Watched one do a couple of touch and go's and a full stop at McCarran.

The Flight International Lears are interesting to me also. I always catch them out of NZY. I will watch for them at TCM. Not sure if you remember they had a mid air with two or three Lears in the lates 80s off the coast of SoCal.

Another operator is Phoenix Air, they operate several Lear 35s on DOD contracts over the ranges. I had a friend who used to fly for them in the 90s out of Klamath Falls, Oregon for the ANG. They also have a couple of of Gulfsteam G-1s, they have a contract to operate from Elmendorf AFB to Shimaya AFB daily. I am guessing hauling supplies.


Dave B

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