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Some routes with TKM:

Example of a false flight plan from Groom Lake to the TTR:

Edwards is an example where these "round robin" flights are real, probably to test the plane or in the case of the ER2 to do real research.

Getting back to Groom Lake, Wednesday (3/30) had some interesting routing. "Keyhole" was in effect, whatever that means, so the Janets were routed differently. One Janet wanted to do a touch and go before landing, but TKM refused the request. The plane was diverted to DRA for the touch and go. This may have shown up on passur. I don't have the time logged, but it was a late morning flight. Not being a pilot, I don't know why there would be a request to do a touch and go since it seems if you could do the "touch" you might as well land. Maybe to check the brakes.

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