Re: Why hasn't Greenpeace ever set foot in Area 51?

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on March 05, 2005 at 4:33:06 PST:

OK, we are back to the evil "government" plotting and planning against it's own people using diabolical GERMS. First of all with administration changes every four or eight years, there is no chance that the departing administration would leave that kind of program intact for the next to seize on. Second and most realistic, IT'S WORK and we are talking governmental employees. That concept does not mix well. You may have been watching too many James Coburn "Flint" movies, (I highly recommend actually) and confusing them with documentaries. As far as Greenpeace, they pretty much were crippled when the French authorities confiscatied their Bierkenstocks, sunk thier boat at a pier (actually they did), and threatened that if the group was jailed, they would have to bathe. Not much has been heard from them since. For anyone even REMOTELY thinking of a dash through the gates by one, six or six thousand people, please take a trip to the area and view the terrain and see how it works in the defenders favor. No way Jose. They'd be lost earth shoes and wine-filled botas lost everywhere as the group wandered aimlessly around the hilly desert. They'd make Moses look like he had a plan. The cammos would probably not take any action at all except tow the dozens of Volvos parked at the fence line, and herd the group like blind cats. Greenpeace is as timely today as reruns of "T.J. Hooker", and has reunuions that recapture all their useless activities and glossy media exposure. The problem with radical organizations is that their demise only strenthens the opposition. Excuse me while I drive my SUV to get a whaleburger before I spray my yard with an all purpose pesticide and egg-shell softener.

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