Re: Why hasn't Greenpeace ever set foot in Area 51?

Message posted by Gou'ld on March 04, 2005 at 21:00:55 PST:

I think that if they "walked in the gates" they would be loaded full of hollow point's and lead, the US government fercley denies its existance if they can hide everything in the NTS and Area51 itself there wouldnt be any problem's "non-existing" a bunch of greenpeace activists, i think we all know what has and is and will go on inside Area51, like all these new diseses like Ebola, Aids, Smallpox the huge increase in Cancer of the last 10 years, what if they already have a "super virus" that would combine all of the abouve, that is where the US government is heading, i pitty them and feel powerless to stop the future and what plans the governments of the world have installed for us.

We all know they have used UFO Technology to there adanced domination of the world what other dirty secrets lat beneath the runways of Area51?

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