red flag movie

Message posted by lone wolf on January 10, 2005 at 8:15:25 PST:

I finally got to see the Imax Red Flag movie. The plot (weak as it is) is kind of goofy. [Gramps was a fighter pilot, so I wanted to be one too. Golly!] Getting past the plot, the movie covers the pre and post crew meetings, AWACS, the petting zoo, search and rescue, live fire exercises, and of course lots of air to air cinematography. They totally ignored the ground units and the control group for the Red Forces. [No film of guys wearing those Soviet hats.] Also ignored are the people hanging out on the rocky peaks taking photographs of the planes. [Hey IMAX, the Divine Ms. M would look great on the big screen.]

Oh yeah, there seems to be this big square on the range display marked "NO FLY". Hmmmmmh....


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