Dangerous to film near the base?

Message posted by Rose-chan on November 21, 2003 at 19:20:07 PST:

Ok, obviously pictures can be taken. They are all over the place. I've also seen pictures of news crews and stuff right by the signs that say "Photography is prohibited". However I have also heard stories of peoples things being taken (I think it was Chuck Clark?.. not sure..). Well, I plan on bringing my camcorder because I am making a small documentary on the area (for personal use mostly) and I fear I might get in trouble by the commo dudes for filming on GLR.

I might be paranoid but I would much rather ask and take precautions than get my new camcorder taken from me. Thanks for any info!

(Sorry if I sound paranoid.. lol.. I'm filming no matter what I just want to know if I should take precautions to hide the camera.. :) )


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