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Message posted by Steve Douglass on February 15, 2005 at 7:54:42 PST:

I'll admit the Alice Springs Cheshire strip sighting sounds a bit far-fetched but since I know the source personally and he has no reason to lie ( that I know of) and coupled with other reports I've collected over the years, there may indeed be some kind of Aussie black projects base.

Note I said that Chris said the aircraft "looked" like an F-117. It may not have been. Who knows . Maybe its part of a joint UK/AU stealth project based on the Replica studies. After all the British Isles are a just that (islands) and not as easy place to hide a stealth program in. But this is pure speculation on my part.

As for F-111s chasing unidentified fastmovers? You forget that the AArdvark is (was?) a mach 2 capable aircraft and capable of flying interceptions . Plus from the reports I've collected (in two incidents) the F-111s were already airborne (on training missions) when they were sent to intercept unkown fast flyers approaching Australia.

So that leaves us with where would they get the water. One might ask the same of Area 51. You can't run a huge base in the middle of the desert without H2O. Heck! Las Vegas itself sprang out of the dry piece of God-forsaken real estate as dry as Alice Springs, so it's not out of the realm of possibility.

That in mind. It's good to be a skeptic. You should ask questions and not take everything at face value. As for being cynical? That's your right too.

In any event, rumors involving the area might be worth investigating.

-Steve Douglass

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