Queen City Summit, Oct 6-7, 2020
by Don

I decided it was time for a trip near Rachel to monitor scanners for a couple of days. My setup is crude but cost effective for camping stuff. Queen City Summit is just north of Rachel by a few miles and the elevation is good for reaching into Dreamland. My scanners are seen in the pics and they did a great job! The BCD536HP has a great recording feature so I didnít miss much while I was asleep. Actually after looking at the files there wasnít much there in the morning. Letís face it they do not advertise when they are going up flying. I did have fun listening to a local F-16 doing pattern work the next day, nothing classified there. From this campsite I can say the DPD Productions Mil Omni x antenna worked great! Easy to hear the Janets and tower in and out. In my setup I have a PI 3B tracking ADSB with STRATUX. I watched many commercial planes pass by north of me. I heard many Nellis planes overhead. Hereís a pic of an F-15 and L-159 dogfighting. Also attached Joerg paid a visit to my setup and brought his drone. It was a fun couple of days nothing really new but thatís why I continue to try I call it Sky Fishing. You put up a net and see what you catch. Lucky for me the smoke has cleared from the wildfires in CA. Iím including a few pics of my setup. I have a battery box recharged by a solar panel and controller. Scanners include BCD536HP/BCT15X/Pro-2035/PSR-500/PSR-410/BCT125AT and my HT Wouxsun KG-UV-9D. (Not a scanner but has a scan function and worked great to talk to Joerg on Ham radio). The site is easy to access most trucks can get there no problem, there is no water or any provisions up there so bring what you need. I would not try to drive an rv up there is a challenging dip I doubt would be successful. I learned a few things this trip about my gear and what I need to improve on. Next trip I will set a scanner to ignore all known freqs and log/store anything new. Lesson learned always check before you set an air mattress up for anything sharp underneath. I poked a pin hole that had me not totally uninflated but very uncomfortable in the morning. 😒 Hope this report helps any interested folks go check it out for themselves.

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