F-117 Sighting at TTR, June 12, 2020
by Matt McRae

So we were heading out into the desert, north of Area 51, At The Tonopah Test Range. We stopped to climb Diablo Hill, and we thought we heard engines starting up. We were confused because a semi truck had just drove by, so we concluded that was what we heard. We climbed back down Diablo to explore a bit more, we followed the dirt road down to the intersection area, and took a right. Now about 5 or 10 minutes after making that turn, I looked to the right and saw a black triangle shape, turning southwest, over the runway at the Tonopah Test Range. Hysterically I screamed to the other people I was with "F-117!!!, F-117!!" The original stealth jet, 12 years after retirement, took off to the south of the base, pulled a 180 and pirouetted north, pointing towards the town of Tonopah, and on the west side of Cactus Peak. It put its landing gear down just for a short period of time, assumingly to slow down. Suddenly, a second jet joined up on his wing. The two black jets flew for 20-30 seconds on each other's wing. They then had one of the two jets break off, gain a couple hundred feet in altitude, as they flew together to the north. They ended up flying to Edwards AFB, doing a touch and go, flying into Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake, CA and doing approaches their. People who had seen the black jets in California had heard the callsigns as "KNIGHT 01 and KNIGHT 02" that day. They ended up returning to the Tonopah Test Range later in the day. Just Another day in the desert for the original stealth fighter, 12 years after retirement!

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