Honeymoon visit to Area 51, Feb 17, 2020
by Vivien

After our wedding in march of 2019 my husband and I agreed to have our honeymoon a bit later when we can both manage to take a week off and save some money.

In spite of both of us being an airline flight attendant in Europe we have never managed to travel somewhere far away together so we decided to finally make it come true. In the middle of february this year we took a trip to Los Angeles and also spent 2 days in Las Vegas. We are a kind of couple who likes to spend their holidays in a very active way so we visit as many places as we can. We are also pretty adventurous and try to find the hidden gems of the different areas wherever we go. On our last day in Las Vegas after checking out of the hotel in the morning we wanted to go on an other trip before returning to LA. Originally we were looking at spots that are somehow on the way to LA as it seemed convenient but at the end in spite of being in totally the other direction we decided to head to the gate of Area 51. After a quick research on how to get there we were already on the way. The detailed description and maps of this website was a great help for us. After taking the left turn onto Hwy. 318 we faced the longest road that we have ever seen going in a straight line without any turns (believe me for Europeans this is an unknown experince). Reaching the "Extraterrestrial Highway" sign we took the unmissable photo. As the website suggested we stopped to refuel in Alamo and continued our journey. We got more and more excited by every mile we passed. We were a bit worried about missing the road where we have to take the left turn by leaving Hwy. 375 for the last couple of miles but we hoped we followed the instructions right and slowly made our way to our destination with our poor little rental car. After 10-15 minutes on the rocky and bumpy road we were not even sure that we are in the right direction but after some hesitation we didn't give up and kept driving very slowly as our car was not really designed to survive these rough circumstences. After 10 more minutes we discovered the white car with its darkened windows on top of the hill and slowly made that slight right turn that reveals the actual back gate of Area 51. It was a moment that I'll never forget. We were sitting in the car facing the barrier and all those signs. We took one look at the car and one look at the gate, then an other look at the car. We did not pass any borders but we were still thrilled by the prescence of the famous white car and the fact the someone might be actually watching us from that hill. After a few minutes we got out of the car and walked right to the gate to see it as close as possible. We spent there like an hour, took some photos and made our way back to LA. We know that discovering the whole experince that a trip to this area can offer takes a lot more time but as a first visit it was still amazing and made us sure about that we are coming back one day.

Since then more than half a year passed but it's still hard to describe how unreal it felt being there after groving up hearing and reading about all the mystic stories of Area 51. It will be a memory that will stay with us for the rest of our lives just like the fresh alien tattoo on my husband's leg :)

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