61-7970 Crash Site, October 7, 2017
by David

I visited the 61-7970 crash site this morning. The site is actually fairly easy to reach, but (a) have a 4x4 and (b) do not try this after a recent rain, as a large section of the key access road becomes a string of ponds and mud holes.

The impact area was filled in, and there's little to see there other than some minor debris. The wreckage area, close by, was still strewn with hundreds of small pieces of debris. Here's a picture of the site today and some pictures of typical debris. There are hundreds of small pieces of metal and other debris scattered across a field about 100 yards long. There's actually a fair amount of debris across the road, such as it is, from the wreckage site. I wandered around that area for quite a while.

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