Las Vegas and Area 51, October 2011
by Stuart

I was on a 1 week long vacation to Las Vegas in October 2011 I had a view of Mccarran Int'l airport from my hotel room and I saw the Janet terminal. I saw a few Janet planes take off every morning at around 7.00 and arrive back in the late afternoon. On October 5th 2011 I went on a day trip to Area 51 from Las Vegas on my own.

I left Las Vegas at 7.30am and about 1 hr 45 mins later I got to the ET highway. I stopped to take a photo of the signpost after that I drove towards Rachel and I got my first glimpse of the Groom Lake Road. I arrived at the Little Ale'inn at about 9.30am and took a break from the long drive. I got a couple of souvenirs from the gift shop and then drove to the Black mailbox I stopped and took a photo of it and then drove towards the signposts on Groom Lake Road. I decided to drive slowly along the road because I was driving a rental car and I did not want to damage any paintwork on it it. I was just averaging 35-40mph on the road. When I got to the signs I got out and took a quick photo of the signs, I saw the cammo dudes. They were watching me from up the hill on the right. I did not bother taking a photo of them incase they came down to intimidate me. I also did not want to stay there long since I was on my own. After that I turned round and drove back to Las Vegas. It was one of the best days of my life because I have been interested in area 51 since I was 12. Unfortunately I cannot show my photos online because I printed them out the following week and then deleted them from my memory stick.

I regret not going to the back gate. I thought it was too far away at the time and I did not know that I had actually drove past the road that leads to it. I will go there again some time and next time I will go to both gates.

The next day I went on a day trip to San Francisco. During the flight I was looking out for Groom Lake. every time I thought I saw it I got my video camera and recorded it. I am still not sure if i did see it or not.

I am so obsessed with area 51 that if I was the only person left on the planet I would go to Area 51 first.

Stuart McLean

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