Federally Owned Groom Lake Using A Civilian Cover, Dec. 2011
by Dean

So as we know the folks at Groom lake usually use Government plates as you will see below. But now they have replaced those with Nevada License Plates. Vehicles such as the "White bus" in alamo to vehicles such as the semi trucks that travel down to the Rachel Gate and or Station 700. I find that interesting. But most definitely understandable. No doubt it will be a lot more difficult to spot. At least out in NV Volvo Semi's are very common. The civilian plate you see below is from the Bus and the Gov plate is from a Groom Lake vehicle. I blurred out 2 digits of the Gov plate just to explain the weird edged flag.

Id love to hear some comments on this subject. Possibly so they can keep their anonymity? Please let me know in the discussion forum.

Thank you.

Top: Government license plate used by Groom security

Left: New civilian plate on the Area 51 Bus

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