Area 51 Encounter, Nov 8-11, 2011
by JDO

As I send this I am currently finishing up a 2 week Vacation, although it was fairly eventful I think I need to fill in a few blanks before getting to the point.

Growing up I listened to Art Bell on occasion and always liked the content and mystery behind the content. My father who is now Retired US Army and I were listening to the show one evening as we were driving home. Knowing he had extensive military knowledge and background from 30+ years of service I asked him what he thought about the show and stories. He looked at me and said "Son if the public knew half of what the military knows it would be mass chaos and paranoia through out the states. People just don't understand the realization of the threats we are taunted with on a daily basis". Flash forward 15 years or so and on 9/11 I remember hearing those words in my head as I watched the horror of the Attack on US Soil. Since then I have tried to be more aware of my surroundings and most notably more prepared for possibilities that may occur. I am not a "prepper" by any means however I do believe I could live comfortably and have the skills, supplies, equipment and will to survive and live through just about all short term issues that may arise.

Now to my story..

I started my vacation with a trip to California when a 4x4 Expedition of Death Valley formed in my mind. I arrived on 11/8/11 and took Butte Valley Road to the Geologists Cabin and stayed the night. I was enjoying the full moon and views of the valley around 11:30 PM when I heard the distinct roar of a jet engine. Looking at the cloudless sky I could find nothing when I noticed the sound had already passed me. I could hear a vague roar but not spot anything although I believed I could see an outline of a plane a few times. Later that evening I had a few other similar experiences. In the early morning hours I was awaken by a very loud roar and looked out the window. I could see nothing other than a few burrows running from the water that pools at the bottom of the hill below the cabin. This caught me as very strange as they were in a hurry to get out of there. I never saw a thing, but know the sound of jet engines when I hear them. About an hour later my dog started pawing at her ears and face as if something was irritating her. I covered her head with my jacket and she calmed down but started growling very low while shaking. I had built a nice fire in the cabin and she wasn't cold. I was sleeping on top of my sleeping bag with a sweatshirt and sweat pants to keep me warm.

The next day the entire encounter was on my mind, I know Geography and know that I was close enough to the Western edge of Nellis AFB that I would most likely be able to encounter several fly by's possible training runs.

After wheeling over Jubilee pass I decided to head east, somewhere along the way I decided to visit Rachel NV. I spent another night camping in the back country of Death Valley with no notable experiences. Getting up early the next morning I did have the pleasure to see a Stealth Bomber and a Refueling plane making low level practice runs. I have pictures of that if you would like. My Mind was made up, I am going to see the gates to Area 51.

Please excuse my attention to Detail here.. I consider myself a very observant person and the details are key..

My Drive to Tonopah was uneventful even boring. After filling up with fuel, grabbing a coffee and a hot dog for the pup

As I headed down US 6 there was little traffic, after passing the Warm Springs turn off there was virtually none, however after the 2nd White Pickup I started wondering to myself if these weren't patrol vehicles.. Then I saw a third and noted that it was outfitted identical to the other 2 I had seen earlier. The 4th one was a deal breaker and i knew I was onto a theory. When one of them passed me and took the Cedar Gate entrance I was convinced these were patrols. Now I knew what to look for.

As I took the turn onto 375 I spotted a 5th one. All of these had Nevada plates not US GOV plates. (at least the last 3 I was paying attn to). I passed on the first entrance to "Area 51" and went straight to Rachel where I had a rather disappointing lunch at the Little Ale'inn. It was getting later in the afternoon so I decided to boogie to Groom Road. Passing the white mailbox I headed to the top and straight to the gates. My way in was uneventful although I do admit to having a few butterflies of anticipation. This gave me a heightened sense of awareness. I noticed no vehicles other than a truck and horse trailer in the distance headed to the ranch in the foothills. As I dropped into the wash I noticed my first "white" vehicle. I took pictures of the gate turned around and went back to the overlook roughly 1/4 of a mile away from the gates. I could still see the white pickup and he could clearly see me as he back up to get a better viewpoint of me and my truck. Out of no where a red and silver Ford F150 passed me and headed unchallenged through the signs, the white truck didn't move. I let my dog out, took a few pictures of the sunset and headed out a little disappointed there were no gates, Just a few signs with stern warning that you are not supposed to be here.

now it gets interesting..

As I was leaving I noticed a short turn out on my right, I took it to get a better view of the valley and relieved myself. As I was heading toward Groom Road there was a White Dodge Pickup coming from the base. I had no choice other than to wait for it to pass. The man in side looked away from me as he passed and kept going, I turned in behind him and started heading toward hwy 375. Before I knew it I was travelling at 65mph and the truck in front of me was still pulling away. About 2 miles from the intersection I noticed all the sudden that I had another white vehicle about a mile behind me and he was less than 1/2 mile behind. It seemed to be appear from one of the side roads as there was no dust trail down groom road as I looked back.

By the time I reached the intersection it was almost dark, I took a right moving towards the 93/318 Cutoff. As I took a right I noticed there were now 3 vehicles behind me not just the one. The original truck ahead of me was no where to be seen. I started counting as soon as I took the right and the first vehicle behind me reached the intersection 9 seconds after I did. That particular vehicle stayed behind me all the way to the cut off but no other vehicles were to be seen. I never did glimpse the tail lights of the original vehicle. As I took the turn North on US 93 towards Caliente the truck behind me pulled across the road and stopped. I went over the hill to see another white ford f 250 parked on the side of the road, as I passed him he pulled in behind me and followed me. I sped up and slowed down a few times the truck would not pass me, even when I slowed down to 55 mph. AS we began the climb to the top of the pass my tail pulled over to the the side and stopped. Now very curious I went to the top and around a few corners where I was certain that he could no longer see my tail lights (it is dark at this time). I turned around and headed back towards the area where he pulled over. As I topped the hill there was another truck pulling away from him and they both turned around headed back the way they had come.

I kind of laughed thinking well that was interesting.. and turned around headed back towards Caliente, Roughly 15 minutes later I noticed flashing lights to my left, sure enough there was a helicopter that seemed to be following my path. I was to see that same chopper 3 other times before I reached Caliente. I pulled into the first gas station I saw and filled up, at first I was going to pass on through then decided to stay the night. I checked in unloaded my bags and food and retired. Through out the evening I stepped out to take the dog for a walk a few separate times, the events of the day had my mind in over drive. I fell asleep around midnight.

At 2:13 in the morning my dog woke me up, she was laying next to me shaking and growling low like she did the night at the Geologists cabin. I got up and looked outside to see nothing. I told her to knock it off and we went back to sleep although she wouldn't leave my side the rest of the evening.

The next morning I got up took a shower and readied her for a walk, normally she is bouncing around the room ready to go, she was reluctant and when we got the the door she actually hesitated looking around before going outside. We walked around town checked out the railroad stations and she became a little more calm. When we got back to the room I fixed her breakfast and she refused to eat.. I made a Ham sandwich and tossed her a piece of meat, she refused to eat that as well. Strange, This is a 4 yo Chocolate Lab.. If you know the breed you know they are always hungry and seldom picky eaters. I packed up and went out to my truck. the doors were unlocked.. I never leave my doors unlocked.. I looked at the LCD on my remote and it showed the alarm was still activated.. Now remember when I said I was prepared for most issues, this is the reason I know my doors are always locked, I have a standard "Bug Out Bag" or as I call it a "Get Home Bag" that is fully stocked including my handgun, I also have long gun that lives in my truck and is pad locked the the original under the seat jack mount. It is always covered with plenty of coats, blanket and first aid kit as well as my laptop case and luggage. I NEVER leave my truck unlocked and spent extra money on an alarm system that notifies me if the alarm is triggered. I distinctly remember locking my truck, I remember the exact spot I was standing and hearing the chirp go off after pushing the button. To top off the strangeness it wasn't until almost 1 PM my dog finally decided to eat something. This would have been 15 hours since she last ate.

All of this put together is what makes it so strange. I have no answers to anything that happened, only theories, however thought you may be interested in hearing my tale.



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