MAFEX: Mobility Air Force Exercise 11-17-2010
by Alan Gudaitis

Peter, thanks for a great detailed trip report for last week's MAFEX trip. You saved me a lot of typing.

Chad, I'm glad someone took videos. It is a good visual representation as to what we all saw. I'm sorry you missed the convoy from Joerg's place that put us several miles further down the road and into the desert about a mile from the end of the Keno airstrip and close to the border.

As both Peter and Chad indicated, MAFEX was a sight to behold. For we shutterbugs, it was a photo feast. I took over 660 photos and went through the arduous task of whittling them down. I eliminated half of them, and then again some more. My problem is that I try to illustrate through still photos the experience or flavor of being there, because obviously, most of Dreamland's viewers will never get a change to actually be there and enjoy experience.

MAFEX was an armada of aircraft, coming, going, and landing, dropping numerous flares, shoving parachuting cargo out the rear cargo doors while a Reaper spy plane orbited above our heads and Smoky Sams shot into the air. When the C-17s landed, they kicked up a dust storm that resembled a forest fire. There were many observers next to the air strip who had to be choking in the dust. Luckily, we were far enough away not to be affected.

With Joerg and several others also taking photos, I am anxious to see the photos they took.

I was using a NIKON D-70 with an 80-400mm Nikor lens. I basically put it on automatic and let her rip. The late afternoon sun gave some great highlights to the aircraft dropping flares.

I have uploaded the photos to Webshots. There are a lot to go through but I think it will be well worth it.

Below is a link to Webshots and you can search for "neonskylv".


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